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Dear Saints of God and Friends of the Ministry,

In honor of God our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and in the assurance of His Great Love,
I want to say hello.

I have a strong desire to communicate, at this time, a couple of messages for your prayerful reading.

The church at large today is being met with a sweep of what many are calling a paradigm shift. In other words, ministry leaders are telling us that a change is taking place in the church, which they believe is from the Lord.

Please pay attention to one thing as you hear the sound of change all around you. Take heed, the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ is being compromised on every side.

We cannot leave the foundations of Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone and of the apostles and prophets. The foundation has this seal. The Lord knows them that are his and let everyone who names Jesus Christ depart from iniquity. That's quite plain. This is the true foundation of the church. I hope that we can grow up together in Jesus Christ and nothing else.

In Jesus Precious Name,
Mike Andrews

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